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The ‘Locomotrix’: Showcasing Poetry and Experimental Literature at Housmans

October 15, 2016

Housmans promotes the work of authors and organisations whose ideas and messages are in-keeping with the shop’s progressive and pacifist ethos. One of the central ways in which we do this is via our evening events at the shop. This month we are very excited to announce the launch of The Locomotrixa new regular series of events at Housmans focusing on poetry and on radical and alternative literature. The Locomotrix aims to complement Housmans’ main programme of events.

To inaugurate the Locomotrix,  performance poets Laura Taylor and Joy France will be performing at the shop on Saturday the 22nd of October at 6:30pm. Laura will be promoting her debut poetry collection Kaleidoscope, which deftly champions equality and challenges authority, exposing the hypocrisy, iniquity and ‘politricks’ of the powers that be. Her fellow Northern Joy France will be supporting and there will also be some open mic spaces available for members of the audience. (If interested, please email Laura for a spot on In addition, the extraordinary Poet for Hire, will be outside (or inside, depending on weather!) the shop for the day, writing exclusive poems on the spot for customers for ‘pay what you like’ fee.

What is the Locomotrix?!

The Locomotrix will take us on a little journey, one that departs from the usual poetry readings: performance poetry and political poetry will certainly feature, but radical, alternative and experimental literature will also be in the spotlight. The Locomotrix will offer a wide range of events, more often than not these readings/events will be participatory: the audience will be able to share, discuss and even perform if they so wish to. Expect events that are informal, playful, imaginative, challenging, stimulating, and that blur boundaries.

Amelia Rosselli and the idea of the Locomotrix


Amelia Rosselli: one of the most important Italian poets of the second half of the twentieth century


The locomotive, ‘the lovely train of thought’, is a recurring image in the poetry of Amelia Rosselli (1930-96). Daughter of the British activist Marion Cave and Italian socialist leader and anti-Fascist hero Carlo Rosselli, Amelia grew up in exile between France, the United States and England before moving back to Rome in 1949. Self-described ‘poet of research’, she was a musician, musicologist and translator, and the author of eight collections of poetry. Of the Locomotrix—a feminine engine or medium—, Amelia wrote: Where the I is the public, where the I is things, where the I is the things that happen…meaning that poetic experiments in language are no longer entirely focused on solipsistic self-expression and intellectualism, but rather, they bring about new philosophies and politics, that are communal in nature. In the spirit of Amelia’s concept, the Locomotrix series at Housmans brings together anti-authoritarian and/or experimental writing for a collective re-imagining of reality.

Poet in Residence

The Locomotrix will also have a poet in residence, who apart from performing/reading at Housmans, will be running workshops and activities for poets/aspiring writers. We shall be announcing our poet in residence shortly, so please watch this space for further info. You’ll find us on twitter with the hashtag #locomotrix